23Things: Thing 3 – Digital footprint

I took part in the digital footprint training from the University a wee while ago so I already felt pretty comfortable with this thing. But I thought I’d google my name again, just to keep an eye on how my footprint is looking these days, and these are my thoughts on my own footprint:

  1. it’s somewhat easier to see your footprint when you have an unusual name – it’s easy to find my twitter, university, work and researchgate profiles – so it’s important to think about what I’m posting
  2. it’s great to see my first PhD journal article appearing in the search 🙂
  3. you can get some interesting search results when your name is also a verb!
"Louise the Big Cheese"

“Louise the Big Cheese”

23 Things

Today I thought I’d get stuck into the University’s 23 things course

I’m hoping to find some useful things for my work as well as some personal development.

First things first – adding the 23ThingsEdUni tag and other relevant tags – hopefully it’s worked!